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As from 01 June 2015, all passengers under 18 years old, arriving in, transiting or departing from South Africa,
on an international flight must be in possession of an UNABRIDGED BIRTH CERTIFICATE FROM COUNTRY OF ORIGIN
See our page: SA Child Travel



As a black enterprise, TRAVEL UNLIMITED is a dominant player within the corporate retail travel agency market in South Africa. The basis of our business is the provision of travel services to primarily corporate and business clients that meet  and exceed their specific needs. We champion the inclusion of previously disadvantaged communities in the economy, to bring about social and economic improvements. Our vision is to serve as a role model for black economic empowerment in the new South Africa. We are confident that our success in the market will encourage other black entrepreneurs to enter the industry.


TRAVEL UNLIMITED will consolidate a range of strong, multidisciplinary skills to leverage business opportunities within the travel and leisure industry. Our goal is to be one of the most prestigious, dynamic and innovative players in the market. To compete effectively in the local and national arena, we will develop a distinct identity for the changing face of the travel services industry in South Africa. Our "Customer Service" philosophy will promote and enhance our business potential rapidly. EXPERIENCE OUR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

Social Responsibility

TRAVEL UNLIMITED firmly believes that business has a meaningful role to play in contributing towards economic and social development in previously disadvantaged communities. This is the soul of our organisation and forms a fundamental part of our mission. Through this initiative we will provide and implement, amongst other projects, the following:

  • Develop, and implement community Fund-Raising efforts
  • Provide Discounted Rates for Travel to non-profitable Organisations
  • Offer tertiary scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Provide "In-Service Training" opportunities to students in Travel & Tourism
  • Distribute a percentage of Sales Revenue to other social responsibility programs
       eg. donations, loans, skills training etc.
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